Down Syndrome Association of the Heartland (DSAH) offers support to individuals with Down syndrome, as well as their families, friends, caregivers, teachers, and coworkers. DSAH strives to educate the public-at-large about Down syndrome. We want every individual who has been touched by Down syndrome, regardless of age, to have access to support and services which would aid each individual in reaching his or her individual potential.

Purpose Statement

On your side, by your side…..from prenatal awareness to legacy.

Mission Statement

  • Down Syndrome Association of the Heartland (DSAH) is an organization that supports individuals with Down Syndrome and their loved ones through celebrating, educating, advocating and serving.
    • CELEBRATE the unique talents and the value our families add to the community. 
    • EDUCATE our community by increasing public awareness about Down syndrome. 
    • ADVOCATE for individuals and families.   
    • SERVE by providing support to assist everyone in reaching their unlimited potential. 
  • Our Core Values 
    • We are INVESTED, devoting our time, effort and energy to our mission and purpose. 
    • We carry out our responsibilities with the utmost INTEGRITY
    • We use EMPATHY in our interactions and RESPECT toward others in all that we do.  
    • We are UNIFIED and JOYFUL in our efforts to support our mission and purpose.  
  • Funding
    • DSAH is funded primarily through special events and corporate/private donations.   
    • DSAH is self-sustaining and all funds remain in our community.