Meet Boone!

Boone is a very vibrant, loving 5 year old little boy. He is the youngest in the family with two older sisters, Vivian and Stella. Boone has an incredible support system including his parents, Emily and Jason, as well as an extended family.

At birth, Boone was diagnosed with Down syndrome and his family is extremely proud of who Boone is. For Boone, Down syndrome presents itself with low muscle tone, vision impairments, additional health concerns and unique learning challenges that require modifications and supports, but those things do not limit his ability to learn.

In addition to Down syndrome, Boone is also a cancer survivor and was diagnosed with leukemia in 2019 and completed six rounds of intense chemotherapy. The long lasting impact of pediatric cancer includes health, motor and cognitive challenges that we must work hard to overcome.

About Boone

  • What does Boone like to do outside of school? He is with his family, camping, riding his golf-cart and traveling, often to Disney. Boone loves to be outside and really enjoys any type of playground equipment exercise. 
  • How does Boone learn best? His love of music helps him learn and just this year he has learned all his letter sounds and can count to 15! Boone is observant and learns by watching the people around him. He looks to his typical peers for cues to both social and educational engagement.
  • How does Boone engage with those around him? Boone is very loving and quick to engage with anyone around him – especially those around his age. He is always up for a good high five.