Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight


Clagett Photography Meet Elijah! Elijah is the 6-year-old son of Miriam Springer and Jonathan Reed. Elijah was diagnosed at a routine 20-week ultrasound followed by bloodwork to confirm. He attends all events that bring so many families together, and he recently started music therapy.

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London’s Bridge Photography Meet Madison! Madison is the 3-year-old daughter of Kenny and Beth Dugas. Madison was diagnosed with Down syndrome prenatally at 20 weeks. She was also born with a heart defect and went into heart failure at two months old. Madison was placed for transplant and had a heart transplant at seven months…

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B. Reed Photography Meet David! David is the 6-year-old son of Joshua & Bethany Jones. David’s diagnosis was a surprise at birth. He and his family have enjoyed DSAH Circle Time and a few of the fun parties.

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Martina Rachau Photography Meet Olivia! Olivia is the 8-year-old daughter of Mike and Karen Sneed Priddy. Olivia is adopted, and her parents were with the birth mother at delivery. Within 20 minutes of her birth, a doctor told us that they thought she had Down syndrome. At that point, her parents were already in love…

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B. Reed Photography Meet Charlie! Charlie is the 3-year-old son of Amanda Westerman. Charlie was diagnosed with Down Syndrome before he was born. He is a super happy and active kid who loves exploring.

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Meet Boone! Boone is a very vibrant, loving 5 year old little boy. He is the youngest in the family with two older sisters, Vivian and Stella. Boone has an incredible support system including his parents, Emily and Jason, as well as an extended family. At birth, Boone was diagnosed with Down syndrome and his…

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